Finding God is for individuals desiring to establish a relationship with God, those desiring to reestablish their relationship with God or those feeling a little disconnected from God.
Below are some vital action steps that will help you learn more about who God is and how you can begin to build and grow a relationship with Him.

Prayer of Salvation

Accepting Jesus

The most important decision you could ever make is to accept Christ as your Lord and savior. If you are ready to do this, then simply pray the following prayer. Then, please let us know that you have done this so we can help you with your next steps.
-  Lord Jesus, I come today, asking that you come into my heart.
-  Be the Lord of my life.
-  Forgive me of my sins (all my faults and mistakes).
-  Today, I am committing my heart and my life to you forever.
-  In Jesus’ name – Amen.

Get Baptized

Once a person has made the decision to accept Christ, we encourage them to get baptized. As followers of  Christ we believe we are instructed to experience the act of baptism, which means “showing our decision” to identify with Christ, the death of our old nature and rising in the newness of life to God. Jesus models this for us in Matthew 3:13-17.


Unlike baptism, which is a one time event, Communion is a practice that is observed over and over again in the life of a Christian. As followers of Christ, we corporately come together weekly as one body to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Christ through the eating of bread, which represents Christ’s body that was broken for us, and the drinking of juice, which represents His blood that was shed for us in His death.

Check out This Video - It's a Good Starting point

Starting Point provides opportunities to gain insight and understanding on what living a life as a Christ-follower looks like. It is an 8-week interactive and experiential series where you will be able to watch weekly videos on your own, ask big questions like:
-  How can I know God exists?
    -  What is God’s will for my life?
    -  What is the bible all about?

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